Monday, March 19, 2018

Distance Education

MembershipThe CGA's correspondence study program was first offered in 1983 as a classic tutor-assisted course relying on textbook and course notes. Technology has made great strides in the interim, currently under revision in order to incorporate additional web-enabled teaching tools, and to offer a richer learning experience.

A release date has not yet been set, but the program will be designed to deliver the course work on roughly the same schedule as the part-time evening courses (eight months for each of two levels). The bulk of study will be accomplished on the student's own schedule, but 20% of the hours allocated to the course must be completed in "synchronous" mode, in real time with an instructor. It is anticipated that this program will incorporate audio/video conferencing features for the synchronous portion, and that students will require access to adequate equipment in order to enroll in the course. No release date has been set.

The majority of the following information will still be relevant even after the details of course delivery have been modified.

Two courses are required in preparation for the CGA's Fellowship Examinations and FCGmA:

  • Jewellery Associate - Gemmology Specialist - Distance Education
  • Gemmology Program - Distance Education

    The Canadian Gemmological Association offers professional gemmology courses leading to Fellowship (FCGmA) in the Canadian Gemmological Association. Through correspondence study, you can complete your training within two years of starting the course.

    In the first year, students take the Jewellery Associate - Gemmology Specialist - Distance Education course. Successful students are awarded a Certificate of Completion in compliance with the regulations of the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.  Students are now qualified and may elect to write the CGA's Preliminary Examination in Gemmology, leading to the CGA's Certificate in Gemmology.

    In their second year, students study the Gemmology Program - Distance Education. Successful students are awarded a Certificate of Completion. Students are now qualified and may elect to write the CGA's Fellowship Examinations in Gemmology. Successful candidates may be granted the prestigious Fellowship with the Canadian Gemmological Association (FCGmA) upon acceptance by the Board of Directors and payment of the annual dues.

    Correspondence students study the same material as students who attend classes. Each level of the course consists of sixteen lessons. Homework must be submitted, and marked tests are included in the curriculum. Time should also be allocated for extra reading, and a regular study regimen is recommended.

    Jewellery Associate - Gemmology Specialist
    1) Ontario High School Diploma or equivalent
    University courses in the sciences, such as geology, mineralogy, chemistry, physics or crystallography are helpful, but are not a requirement.

    Gemmology Program:
    1) Successful completion of the Jewellery Associate - Gemmology Specialist course, or
    2) Holder of the CGA's Certificate in Gemmology

    Jewellery Associate - Gemmology Specialist - Distance Education
    Tuition:  $1549                  Books:  $64
Gemmology Program - Distance Education
Tuition:  $2095                  Instrument Kit:  $300 

Next Session:
Jewellery Associate - Gemmology Specialist - Distance Education

Gemmology Program - Distance Education
Open only to those who have already completed the Jewellery Associate - Gemmology Specialist program with the CGA.

- There is an additional fee for students residing outside Canada.