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Past Contributors

The CGA owes sincere thanks to many individuals who have contributed to the Association over the years. Below are listed only a few ...

CGA Presidents 

1958-60       D.S.M Field 1961 Jack W. Gunning
1962 H.A. Creates                     1963 Robert Arend
1964 Fred Waddington 1965 Michael Goad
1966 Bernard Hinton 1967 Harry Venables
1968 Jack Stitt 1969 Ed Green
1970 Peter Saalmans 1971-72      Herb Forth
1973-75 Richard Covent  1976 W.D. Goodger
 1977 Lloyd Allingham   1978-79 R.M. Coxhead 
 1980 D.S.M. Field 1981-85  Warren Boyd 
 1986-88 Jeannine Dykstra 1989-91 Robert Shore 
 1992 James Hergel  1993-96  Dr Zia Hasan
 1996-97 Heida Mani 1997-2014  Duncan Parker


Strong Roots and a Canadian Identity

The CGA is an offshoot of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (GAGB), the world's oldest gemmological organization. GAGB (now known as Gem-A) fathered similar organizations in several countries.

Dean S.M. Field, founder of the CGA, had been keenly interested in the study of gems since 1929, and had earned his Fellowship with the GAGB in 1955. By 1956, he had entered into an agreement with GAGB to coach their gemmology correspondence courses in Canada, and the first sealed examinations were written at the University of Toronto in 1957. Successful candidates qualified for Fellowship with the GAGB.

The Canadian Gemmological Association itself was incorporated in 1958 to further promote gemmological education, and to encourage interaction between gemmologists. The doors were thrown open to gemmologists and students of other accredited gem schools, including the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) and the GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia). In the words of Dean Field, the association was "...setting out to enhance, through 'hands-on' instruction, study and discussion, the knowledge of gem dealers, jewellers, and other persons interested in gemstones and jewellery generally. Too, we invited educators in similar and related fields to join forces with us ..."

In the interests of establishing a Canadian identity in the field, the Canadian Professional Gemmology program was developed with the input of many experts in the field, and students first sat qualifying examinations for Fellowship with the CGA in 1984. Over the last half century, the Canadian program has won worldwide respect, and Fellowship with the Canadian Gemmological Association is understood to demonstrate a competency in the field equal to that offered by the best international organizations.

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