Friday, March 23, 2018


CGA Scholarship presented at GBC

20160414 163644CGA Presents Scholarship at George Brown College Jewellery & Gemmology Awards Ceremony

The Canadian Gemmological Association was proud to present to George Brown College Gemmology graduates a scholoarship recognizing academic excellence and a committment to ongoing education in the field of gemmology. 

The winner of this years scholarship is Michael Vander Eyken, shown in this picture with Duncan Parker.gbc award

Attending the VIP Jewellery Industry Reception and Auric 2016, the Jewellery Arts Graduate Show at the Harbourfront Centre on April 14 as shown in the above photo L to R, were Karen Howard (CGA Executive Committee Chairperson), Anita Beardwood (CGA Executive Member), Duncan Parker (CGA Vice President), Jennifer McKercher (CGA Instructor) and JoAnne Larmond (CGA Office Administrator).

The graduates of the George Brown College Gemmology program are eligible to write our Canadian Gemmological Association Fellowships examinations and we look forward to having all GBC graduates welcomed into our association as members. 

Paul McClure BFA, MA Professor/Coordinator of the Jewellery Studies Programme at GBC will be our guest speaker at our CGA annual Graduation Ceremony and Dinner at the National Club on Friday October 21, 2016