Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Warren Boyd

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Another wonderful speaker announced!

Warren Boyd
Past President of the CGA announced as speaker at Vancouver Conference
Experienced market oriented gemmologist & geologist with a specialty in rough diamonds and coloured gemstones. Sessional Lecturer at theUniversity of Toronto – Earth Sciences Department lecturing on the discovery, assessment and evaluation of diamond and coloured WFBProfessionalPhotoScangemstone deposits around the world.

Director of Marketing for Potentate Mining LLC North America’s largest sapphire producer based in Montana.  The Rock Creek Sapphire mine produces a magnificent variety of fine pastel coloured sapphires of all sizes from 0.25 carat to 4  The Rock Creek Sapphire mine produces a magnificent variety of fine pastel coloured sapphires of all sizes from 0.25 carat to 40 carats.

Founding director Algonquian Diamond Counsellors International (ADCi) a rough diamond valuation and consulting firm formed as a partnership between R. T. Boyd Limited and Diamond Counsellors International (DCi).  DCi currently is involved in the Government Diamond Valuation for five governments in Africa.
ADCi's mandate is to acquire government and industry valuation contracts in Canada and elsewhere. DCi currently hold 4 African Government Diamond Valuation contracts. 
Board of Directors and formerly the Ambassador to Canada for International Colored Gemstone Association. 
Formerly a Director of Cancana Resources Corp (TSXV:CNY) a public company that was exploring for manganese, gold, and diamond deposits inBrazil

President of R. T. Boyd Limited a privately owned company marketing coloured gemstones and diamonds in North America since 1956.
Formerly a team member of Diamonds International Canada (DICAN) Ltd. who are contracted Canadian Government Diamond Valuators valuing the rough diamond production from Canada's diamond mines. Instrumental in the formation of Aboriginal Diamonds Group Ltd, and DICAN and the implementation and administration of the strategic alliance between both organization
Previously a Director of WWW International Diamond Consultants (WWW).  WWW offers specialized advisory services to corporations and governments throughout the world on diamond related matters.  Have attended rough diamond tenders in Antwerp marketing the rough diamond production from African rough diamond producers.

Past President of the Canadian Gemmological Association during the time of the development of the Canadian Gemmology courses.