Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The CGA owes sincere thanks to the many individuals and companies who have provided photos and other assistance for our website and instructional materials.

Credits Gallery

Bulls eye optic figure in quartz. The quartz has been sliced perpendicular to the c-axis, and shows interference colours when placed between crossed polarizers. The conoscope (a stress-free glass sphere mounted on a glass handle) images the optic figure.

Photo: Jennifer McKercher

Crystal rough with natural and synthetic gems, courtesy of Wobito Gems Ltd.
Design: Katinka Champion
Photo Credit: championphoto.com

This shot was prepared especially for the CGA to highlight the loupe as the first tool that any aspiring gemmologist must master in order to inspect and identify stones.

Natural Canadian Diamond from the Ekati mine.
The Snowflake-cut by Wobito Gems Ltd. is a copyrighted design.
Photo Credit: championphoto.com

This photo highlighting Canada's role as a leading diamond producer was arranged and shot by Clive and Katinka Champion of Champion Photography Ltd. specifically for use on the CGA website.

Synthetic boules and cut stones, courtesy of Wobito Gems Ltd.
Photo Credit: championphoto.com

1. Synthetic pink corundum boules
2. Synthetic orange sapphire boules
3. Synthetic blue star sapphire boule and cabochon
4. Synthetic blue corundum boules and cut stone
5. YAG - Yttrium Aluminum Garnet synthetic boule
6. Synthetic spinel boule slices with cut stones.