Sunday, October 22, 2017

October 2017

October monthly meeting is the Canadian Gemmological Conference 2017.

  Instead of 1 speaker, if registered you have the opportunity to hear 11 fantastic international speakers all in one spot! With a wide variety of speakers and topics it is looking to be the place to be October 20-22.

Saturday speakers:  Alan Hodgkinson from Scotland with talk about Zircons
             followed by Tammy Cohen, Odile Civitele, Warren Boyd, Art Samuels and Eric Fritz.

            The topics range from Zircons to branding a diamond,  also jadeite, Montana Sapphires, Pearls and Finding Treasure.

Then we go on to Sunday speakers:
                Chris Smith, Jon Phillips, Richard Drucker, Alex Grizenko, and Brad Wilson

                Topics range from Emerald and their fillers to Canadian diamonds, value factors of Ruby and  Emerald to talks on  Synthetic Diamonds and Canadian Tourmaline.

Wow - you do not want to miss this conference!

Register now before it is too late . Conference page