February 2018 Monthly Meeting

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He has been collecting rocks and minerals off and on since the age of 10 when his aunt gave him a rock collection.The collection contained specimens of quartz, granite, shale, and slate, among other things, he now knew what these materials are beyond references to characters in The Flinstones cartoons.
Thus began a collecting odyssey which has grown into frenzy over the last 25+ years, resulting in a sizeable collection of just about anything imaginable that is related to mnerals.  He has also been an avid collector of frog figurines for the last several years such that frogs have become his trademark.
He is also an avid traveller.  So far, his travels have been in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Madagascar, the south-western US, Italy, the Vatican, Iceland and most recently, Bolivia and Easter Island.  Where he plans to go in the summer of 2018 has yet to be determined.  As a final note, the Gem & Mineral Club of Scarborough recently awarded David the "Member of the Year" award for 2017.