Sunday, April 30, 2017

Topaz from Brazil. Photo:

Support from volunteers, industry and community is important to the success of the CGA. Please help us recognize those who have stepped forward to lend a hand, by visiting their websites and checking out their services!
The Canadian Gemmological Association thanks Milyenium Mining, Ltd. for their generous donation of CSARITE faceted gemstones and rough specimens to the CGA's teaching collection. A contribution of this magnitude allows the school to share knowledge of this gem with our students, keeping them abreast of current market trends. Csarite is natural, unenhanced colour-change gem diaspore mined from one global source deep in the Anatolia Mountains of Turkey. Read the full press release.
The CGA sincerely thanks Clive and Katinka Champion for granting us the right to use some of their wonderful photos on our website and in our printed materials, and for going out of their way to work up images especially for us.
The Canadian Gemmological Association thanks Alpine Gems for ongoing corporate sponsorship of the Association, and for all the stones donated and the photos provided for the Association's use over the years.

The CGA offers sincere thanks to the following donors for their support:

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