Wednesday, March 21, 2018

VOC: Gemmology Accelerated Program

Accelerated 4-month daytime gemmology program
Payment stages Payment instalments


Fees include small instrument kit and course textbook.
Registration by deadline (roughly one month before class start) earns $300 discount on final payment.
Fees are paid in three instalments:
$500 due with registration - holds place in class
$3559 due by deadline one month prior to class start (includes $300 instrument kit and $64 textbook)
$3200 due by half-way point in course (eligible for $300 early registration discount).

Professional 4-month accelerated daytime gemmology program.
Courses are offered in the Fall and Winter terms.
Please complete and sign the enrolment contract and submit to the CGA office before submitting payment.

Select the applicable payment from the drop-down menu.

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