Monday, December 11, 2017


Ann Sabina Stenson Obituary

AnnSabina 2008 crop kf2Ann P. Sabina Stenson


It is with great sadness that we announce that Ann Sabina passed away on September 29th in her 86th year. Ann will be remembered for her dedication to mineralogy and gemmology. Ann started at the GSC in 1952 in mineralogy working in the new field of X-ray diffraction. Ann was the author of the very popular series “Rocks and Minerals for the Collectors” now available on-line through GEOSCAN. Ann was one of the founding members of the Ottawa Valley Mineral Association and was a long serving Treasurer for the Mineralogical Association of Canada. She also taught gemmology at Carlton University in Ottawa and prepared students for the Canadian Gemmological Association's fellowship examinations. Ann recently completed the revised version of “Rocks and Minerals for the Collector: Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and South Shore, Nova Scotia”. This Guidebook will be released in November in both official languages. In addition, an Open File on “Information for Collectors”, which replaces the NRCan website public information, will be released at about the same time. Ann continued to work daily since her retirement in the late nineties up until early August. Ann was the discoverer of the mineral Weloganite (Sr3Na2Zr(CO3)6 ·3H2O) and was the first to collect the mineral Sabinaite (Na4Zr2TiO4(CO3)4), named in her honour by John Jambor.


CSARITE Gems Donated to CGA Teaching Collection

Milenyum Mining, Ltd. (MML) has made a generous donation of a variety of CSARITE faceted gemstones and rough specimens to the CGA for student study purposes. This contribution will enable the CGA to share knowledge of this gem with our students, keeping them abreast of the current gem market. Exposure to phenomenal gem materials of this nature helps to generate an appreciation for the unique beauty of such rare and distinctive gemstones.

CSARITE is natural, unenhanced colour-change gem diaspore actively mined at a single global source deep in the Anatolia Mountains of Turkey. MML's mission is to introduce gem and jewellery connoisseurs around the globe to the unique rarity and beauty of this unusual gemstone. Check the press release to learn more.

Gary Roskin - Keynote Speaker

Roskin imgGary Roskin, Graduate Gemologist (GIA), FGA, author, and journalist will open CGA's Gem Conference 2015 as Saturday morning keynote speaker.

 Roskin is one of the world's most highly regarded authorities in the art and science of diamond grading, is currently host of the Roskin Gem News Report, and is Former Gemstone Editor for JCK Magazine. In 2002, he was nominated for the Accredited Gemologist Association Antonio Bonanno Award for Excellence in Gemology, and in 2001 was the recipient of ISA's Media Award for his feature story entitled, "Bad Appraising Lands Good Jeweler in Court". In all, he has been recognized for many valuable articles and will have fascinating perspectives to share with his audience in October.

The event will be held October 16-18, 2015 at the Terminal City Club in beautiful downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

To see a preliminary schedule and list of speakers confirmed to date, and to find advance hotel booking information, visit our conference page.

Inaugural Mallorca GemQuest Conference

Mallorca front page3April 18th - 20th, 2015
El Cid Hotel
C'an Pastilla
Mallorca, Spain

With the enticing words "Sea, Sun, Sand and Gemmology", the all new Mallorca GemQuest conference beckons gemmologists to join internationally renowned speakers for a two-day conference followed by a full day tour of the wonderful island of Mallorca.

The Canadian Gemmological Association is proud to be a Sapphire-level sponsor of this new event. CGA members should check recent emails or contact the office to take advantage of a fantastic member benefit.

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Wonders Within Gemstones II

Wonders within Gemstones II Cover

Anthony de Goutière, CGA member and long-time contributor to the Association, has released a followup book to his original Wonders Within Gemstones published in 1996. Once again, his stunning photomicrographs of inclusions and surface features in gemstones will impress and educate.

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New Pearl Newsletter Fills a Gap

Elisabeth Strack, author of the book PEARLS, has started publication of a new Pearl Newsletter entitled MARGARITOLOGIA. The title name denotes the science of pearls.

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